Hold, Earn, NFT's, Staking, Pools, $SHIB, 2X Tokenomic

Hold & Earn

Stake & Earn

ShibaYield makes it easy to earn Passive income With its innovative 2X Tokenomics.

ShibaYield makes it easy to earn Passive income With its innovative 2X Tokenomics.

Compatible with all major wallets

What is ShibaYield?

ShibaYield is a Yield Generator with a 2X Tokenomics Rewards.
Simply hold $SHIY or Stake in one of our pools, To start Earning $SHIB Rewards or Other Tokens.

How ShibaYield works

ShibaYield 2X Tokenomics.

Hold & Earn

Simply Hold a Minimum of $SHIY Tokens in any of the compatible wallets.

Enjoy easy income from 5% of every Transaction.

All fees are Collected in $SHIB Tokens and go directly to your wallet. The more you hold, the more you earn.

Stake & Earn

Our Stake and Earn features will be announced in more detail, but Works as follow.

NFT or Token staking on pools.

Pools Staking

This will provide a use case for Shiba NFT & Token holders to increase their passive income.

Some pools will have the option to earn other tokens when staking.

NO Token Minting

Your Yield is paid in $SHIB Tokens, A popular Token which is traded and widely available on most DEX and CEX Exchanges.

Low Sell Pressure

Getting paid in $SHIB Decreases the selling pressure on our Native Token $SHIY. NO Token Minting means, Our Token Increases in Value over time.

Transaction Tax 12% Distribution

5% Rewards

5% of all transactions goes back to ShibaYield holders in $SHIB. Passive income to all hodlers!

2% Liquidity

2% of all transactions go back to the liquidity pool, which increases price.

5% Marketing

5% of all transactions go into the marketing wallet & will be used for Massive Promotions, Buybacks and Development.

NFT & Staking

Stake to Earn, Use Your NFT to Give you Exclusive Features, BOOST and More.

Shiba NFTs

Exclusive Shiba NFT Collection.

  • Limited Edition NFTs
  • NFT Staking Features
  • Exclusive Artist Collaboration


Stake Your Tokens To Earn More Passive Income.

  • Stake to Earn
  • NFT Staking BOOST
  • Earn Other Tokens
  • Partnership Pools


Token Distribution

All Tokens are distributed as Follow.


100,000,000 Million Total Supply

Check Out our White paper

Audits Roadmap

Audits will be added as they become available.

ShibaYield Roadmap

Phase #1

  • Website Launch
  • Audit
  • Token Presale
  • Public Launch
  • Marketing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Coin Market Cap Listing

Phase #2

  • NFT Release
  • Partnerships
  • CEX Listings
  • More Marketing

Phase #3

  • Staking App
  • Website V2
  • Top Tier Audit
  • Marketing
  • NFT Use Case
  • Major Partnerships
  • Store / To be announced

Phase #4

  • ShibaYield PRO

  • ShibaYield Verse
  • More...

How to buy $SHIY


Download & setup MetaMask or One of our Supported Wallets.

Connect to PancakeSwap

Paste Our Contract Address or Click Below to Buy ShibaYield ($SHIY) Token.

Don’t know how to use PancakeSwap?

Watch a tutorial on how to Use PancakeSwap with MetaMask

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Start earning with $SHIY

The $SHIY token Will be available on PancakeSwap exchange After Presale.
We continuously look for new partners to join us in offering you new ways to acquire $SHIY.